I know that you want to grow your business. But are you making direction less marketing efforts? How many times it happens with you where you meet a prospective customer and the customer says – ‘This is exactly what I was looking for, I was not aware of you.’ Do you think of updating your website some day but you haven’t made that update till now? Do you get confused between sales and marketing and you keep on changing your planning every day? … You are not alone. These are typical symptoms of an entrepreneur who is either not conversant with marketing or knows marketing but don’t get ‘time’ to practice the marketing knowledge.

Eha Management Consultancy is a specialist in providing marketing consultancy to entrepreneurs. Majority of Eha Management Consultancy’s clients are first generation entrepreneurs. Feel free to talk to me at 9823038828.

Here is a list of services offered. At your service, Eha Management Consultancy
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