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A marketing consultancy provides advice to businesses. Marketing activity helps companies, entrepreneurs, and other such institutions to satisfy the customer need. This explanation of marketing sounds simple but in reality achieving this goal is difficult for number of reasons. Many entrepreneurs are technocrats – that is experts in the technology or technique they develop or implement or maintain. So an entrepreneur may be excellent at say developing software, providing tours and travel services, training, auditing, consultancy, etc. If these entrepreneurs are not good in marketing their offerings, they will not be successful. In such a situation, marketing can give the Midas touch to the entrepreneurs endeavor. This is what a marketing consultancy can do the entrepreneurs business – gives the Midas touch by providing marketing advice. This marketing advice varies based on the situation of the entrepreneur. Primary factors that determine the variation in marketing consultancy to entrepreneurs are..

  • Generation of the entrepreneur
Is the entrepreneur first in her family to get into business? If so that’s a first generation entrepreneur and so on.
  • Business to business/Business to customer, etc.
Whether a product or service is provided by one business to another business or from one business to a customer.
  • Industry
The business is in which industry? Like automobile, telecom, auto component, steel, banking, insurance, etc.

What we do?

Eha Management Consultancy specializes in providing marketing advice to entrepreneurs. The consultancy is providing marketing advice since 2009. It has served clients from varied industries like travel & tourism, training & development, information technology, finance & accounting, education, etc. the consultancy provides marketing advice through project and retainer basis.

Why Eha Management Consultancy?

Primary goal of the marketing advice it to help the entrepreneur identify right focus and effective communication mechanism with the customer. When the customer’s and entrepreneurs needs are satisfied, the marketing job is well done! That is what the consultancy strives to be along with the entrepreneurs efforts.


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