1.Marketing strategy designing

Having a documented marketing strategy will assist you in making your marketing efforts effective.
Marketing strategy design will happen in less than two-month’s time. You will get marketing strategy document along with milestones.


a. Marketing strategy guiding questions will be shared with you
b. We will have introductory discussions on the marketing strategy
c. Based on the discussion marketing strategy draft will be created
d. After feedback on the draft, marketing strategy will be finalized

2.Teaching marketing subjects & conducting workshops

I teach sales and marketing subjects at leading management institutes. I also conduct workshops on marketing and relevant topics.


My style of teaching a subject or conducting a workshop is practical oriented.

3.Training corporate teams on sales and marketing skills

I conduct training programs on various sales and marketing topics.


a. First, I will recommend identifying exact training need.
b. Based on the training need, I will recommend training outline.
c. My style of training is practical oriented.

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